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Monika Katyal
Principal's Desk
On behalf of scholars home family. I would like to welcome everyone to scholars home group of institution. We create a safe environment where respect,integrity,and carrying are continually taught and modelled. We focus on creating and atmosphere where everyone show respect for difference in other people, custom and cultures. We have many educational programs that are infused into the daily curriculum that focused on achieving this goal. Kindersgarten is the first step of school for every children. We focus on all student of satna to make the future bright.
It’s my privilege to work with all of you to continue to keep our institution in the high ranks that it has achieved and with your constant support, take it to higher levels.Kindersgarten is best way to start the school life.
Dear Parent's- You are always been an integral part of this learning journey that is with success stories. Thank you for so trusting and placing the future of your children in our hands. We hope and pray that we strengthen this cherished bond as we go along.

Dear Student's- Life is a lesson to learn and education is just a part of this life-long learning process. A person is known by their character. Carry an ethical and pleasant disposition. Work on being a kind-hearted, compassionate person. Remember, kindness and compassion are contagious virtues.