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2 unit -5 (2nd paper)_B.Aeconomics 1st YEAR_.pdf
3 unit -4 (2nd paper)_B.Aeconomics 1st YEAR_.pdf
4 unit -3 (2nd paper)_B.Aeconomics 1st YEAR_.pdf
5 unit - 2 (2nd paper) economics_B.Aeconomics_.pdf
6 unit-5_B.AECONOMICS 1st YEAR_.pdf
7 b.a. 1st year paper 2nd (indian economy) unit -1_B.AQuestion Paper_.pdf
8 unit-4_B.AECONOMICS 1st YEAR_.pdf
9 zoology bsc 2nd year paper second_B.Sc.zoology_.pdf
10 dbms bsc.3rd year_B.Sc.DBMS_.pdf
11 management account_B.Commanagement account_.pdf
12 bsciii year data structure_.pdf
14 zoology bsc 2nd year chapter 3_compressed_B.Sc.zoology_.pdf
15 consumer behaviour unit 3_B.B.Aconsumer behaviouer_.pdf
16 consumer behaviouer unit 1 bba 3rd year_B.B.AConsumer Behaviour_.pdf
17 consumer behaviour bba.3rd year_B.B.AConsumer Behaviouer_.pdf
18 2nd year 3rd unit p.o.s 1_B.ComPRINCIPLES OF STATISTICS_.pdf
19 e-commerce 2nd year_B.ComC-Commerce_.pdf
20 e-commerce ba.2nd year_B.AE-COMMERCE_.pdf
21 web designing ba 3rd year_B.Aweb designing_.pdf
22 digital marketing 3rd year_B.ComDIGITAL MARKETING_.pdf
23 web designing 3rd year_B.ComWEB DESIGNING_.pdf
24 p.o.s b.com2nd year 2nd unit_B.Comprinciples of statistics_.pdf
25 digital marketing ba 3rd year_B.ADigital marketing_.pdf
26 web designing ba 3rd year_B.Aweb designing_.pdf
27 2nd year principal of statistics-compressed_B.Comprincipal of statistics_.pdf
28 business math all unit-compressed_B.Combusiness math_.pdf
29 zoology bsc 2nd year chapter 2_compressed_B.Sc.zoology_.pdf
30 msc biotech syllabus1_M.SC-Biotechsyllabus_.pdf
31 ecology_B.Sc.zoology_.pdf
32 environment notes 5 ????????????zoology_B.Sc.zoology_.pdf
33 environment ecosystem_B.Sc.zoology_.pdf
34 environment biology_B.Sc.zoology_.pdf
35 zoology bsc first year text book1_B.Sc.zoology_.pdf
36 financial account 5 unit-compressed_B.Comfinancial account_.pdf
37 4 unit 1_B.Comfinancial account_.pdf
38 zoology bsc 2nd year_B.Sc.zoology_.pdf
39 4 unit_B.Comfinancial account_.pdf
40 3rd unit 1_B.Comfinancial account_.pdf
41 3rd unit-compressed (1)_B.Comfinancial account_.pdf
42 financial account 2 unit b. com first year (1)-compressed11_B.ComFINANCIAL ACCOUNT_.pdf
43 sociological thinkers ba 3 ( thinkers_.pdf
44 unit -3 part -1_B.AECONOMICS B.A. 1st YEAR_.pdf
45 unit-3 ( part-2)_B.AECONOMICS B.A. 1st YEAR_.pdf
46 printer's_B.AFUNDAMENTAL 1st YEAR_.pdf
47 pen drive_B.AFUNDAMENTAL 1st YEAR_.pdf
48 generations of computer__B.AFUNDAMENTAL 1st YEAR_.pdf
49 generations of computer__B.AFUNDAMENTAL 1st YEAR_.pdf
50 functions of computer system_B.AFUNDAMENTAL 1st YEAR_.pdf
51 dos in hindi_B.AFUNDAMENTAL 1st YEAR_.pdf
52 create bootable pendrive_B.AFUNDAMENTAL 1st YEAR_.pdf
53 create a batch file_B.AFUNDAMENTAL 1st YEAR_.pdf
54 financial account first unit 6 chapters-compressed_B.Comfinancial account_.pdf
55 cpu_B.AFUNDAMENTAL 1st YEAR_.pdf
56 computer password_B.AFUNDAMENTAL 1st YEAR_.pdf
57 computer memory_B.AFUNDAMENTAL 1st YEAR_.pdf
58 computer hardware and software_B.AFUNDAMENTAL 1st YEAR_.pdf
59 block diagram of computer system_B.AFUNDAMENTAL 1st YEAR_.pdf
60 zoolozy bsc 3 (1)-compressed_B.Sc.zoology_.pdf
61 output devices fundamental__B.AFUNDAMENTAL 1st YEAR_.pdf
62 different types of computer in hindi fundamental__B.AFUNDAMENTAL 1st YEAR_.pdf
63 zoology bsc 3rd-compressed_B.Sc.zoology_.pdf
64 zoolozy bsc 3-compressed_B.Sc.zoology_.pdf
65 property law blbh 316_B.A.LLBLAW OF PROPERTY-1, 5 SEM_.pdf
66 family law blbh 314_B.A.LLBFAMILY LAW-1 5 SEM_.pdf
67 civil procedure code act blbh 313_B.A.LLBCIVIL PROCEDURE CODE AND LIMITATION ACT 5 SEM_.pdf
68 civil procedure code act blbh 313_B.A.LLBCIVIL PROCEDURE CODE AND LIMITATION ACT 5 SEM_.pdf
69 information technology act,2000 blbh 312_B.A.LLBINFORMATION TECHNOLOGY LAW 5 SEM_.pdf
70 principles of interpretation of statutes_B.A.LLBINTERPRETATION OF STATUTES AND PRINCIPLE OF LEGISLATION 5 SEM_.pdf
71 msc(math)_1st sem_M.SC-MathmeticsTopology-I_.pdf
72 syllabus msw 2020_M.S.WSyllabus_.pdf
73 m_ a_ economics i & ii sem_ 80+20_M.A-EconomicsSyllabus_.pdf
74 ecology and applied bsc 3rd year-_B.Sc.Zoology_.pdf
75 rural urban and tribal society 2nd year_B.ASociology_.pdf
76 law of contract- i 3rd sem_B.A.LLBLAW OF CONTACT_.pdf
77 constitutional law-i 3rd sem_B.A.LLBCONSTITUTIONAL LAW_.pdf
78 indian society ist year_B.Aindian society_.pdf
79 basic concept of sociology 1st year._B.ABasic Concept of sociology_.pdf
80 field of social work bsw ist year_B.S.WField of Social work ist_.pdf
81 social work as a profession bsw1st year_B.S.WSocial Work as a proffesion_.pdf
82 financial account first unit 4 chapt._B.ComFinancial Account_.pdf
83 zoology bsc 3 (6)_B.Sc.Bsc 3rd zoology_.pdf
84 zoology bsc 3rd year 5_B.Sc.bsc3rd zoology_.pdf
85 bsc 3rd zoology 4_B.Sc.bsc 3rd zoology_.pdf
86 bsc 3rd zoology3_B.Sc.bsc 3rd zoology_.pdf
87 bsc 3rd year zoology _B.Sc.zoology bsc 3rd year_.pdf
88 zoology bsc 3 year 1 lesson _B.Sc.zoology bsc 3rd year_.pdf
89 unit- 2nd_B.AECONOMICS_.pdf
90 b.a(llb)_B.A.LLBSyllabus_.pdf
92 ma(english)_M.A-EnglishSyllabus_.pdf
95 b.a. 1st year sub-economics paper -1 micro economics (
96 msc_cs_M.SC-CSSyllabus_.pdf
97 pgdca_P.G.D.C.ASyllabus_.pdf
98 bba_B.B.ASyllabus_.pdf
99 bsw_B.S.WSyllabus_.pdf
100 computerscince_B.Sc.Syllabus_.pdf
101 physics_B.Sc.Syllabus_.pdf
102 mathematics_B.Sc.Syllabus_.pdf
103 zoology_B.Sc.Syllabus_.pdf
104 foundationcourse1_B.Sc.Syllabus_.pdf
105 chemistry_B.Sc.Syllabus_.pdf
106 botany_B.Sc.Syllabus_.pdf
107 biotechnology_B.Sc.Syllabus_.pdf
108 bcom_honours_B.ComSyllabus_.pdf
109 computerapplication_B.ComSyllabus_.pdf
110 commerce_B.ComSyllabus_.pdf
111 foundationcourse1_B.ComSyllabus_.pdf
112 foundationcourse_B.ASyllabus_.pdf
113 computerapplication_B.ASyllabus_.pdf
114 sociology_B.ASyllabus_.pdf
115 economics_B.ASyllabus_.pdf
116 bsc zoology_B.Sc.zoology 1 year_.pdf
117 introduction of sociology all unit_B.S.WINTRODUCTION OF SOCIOLOGY_.pdf
118 intro of social work all unit_B.S.WINTRO OF SOCIAL WORK_.pdf
119 00000_B.C.ASyllabus_.pdf
120 syllabus_B.C.ASyllabus_.pdf
121 zoology by benjamins and luics_B.Sc.zoology_.pdf
122 bca2sem_paper_B.C.AExam Question Paper_.pdf
123 plant pigments(quercetin,myricetin,glycosides of flovones & flavonols)_M.SC-ChemistryChemistry Of Natural Products_.pdf
124 plant pigment (flavonol,apigenine,leteoline)_M.SC-ChemistryChemistry Of Natural Products_.pdf
125 alkaloids(quinine,morphine)_M.SC-ChemistryChemistry Of Natural Products_.pdf
126 alkaloids(ephedrine, nicotine,atropine)2_M.SC-ChemistryChemistry Of Natural Products_.pdf
127 alkaloids(introduction, classification, structure determination,conine)4_M.SC-ChemistryChemistry of natural products_.pdf
128 solid state chemistry (electronic properties & band theory,metals semiconductor, insulators)_M.SC-ChemistrySolid state chemistry_.pdf
129 solid state chemistry(superconductivity)_M.SC-ChemistrySolid state chemistry_.pdf
130 solid state chemistry(magnetic properties) (1)_M.SC-ChemistrySolid state chemistry_.pdf
131 solid state chemistry (transformation)_M.SC-ChemistrySolid state chemistry_.pdf
132 solid state chemistry (electronic properties & band theory,metals semiconductor, insulators)_M.SC-ChemistrySolid state chemistry_.pdf
133 allergy and hypersensitivity_M.SC-Biotechimmunology_.pdf
134 3. b-lymphocytes_M.SC-Biotechimmunology_.pdf
135 immunology_M.SC-BiotechImmunology_.pdf
136 sequential development_B.Sc.zoology_.pdf
137 4 reproductive hormones_B.Sc.zoology_.pdf
138 animal physiology_B.Sc.Animal Physiology_.pdf
139 animal physiology_B.Sc.zoology_.pdf
140 pcr_M.SC-Biotechpcr_.pdf
141 solid state chemistry (optical properties)_M.SC-Chemistrysolid state_.pdf
142 solid state chemistry (crystal defects and non stoichiometry) forth sem_M.SC-ChemistrySolid-State Chemistry_.pdf
143 solid-state chemistry (solid state reactions) forth sem_M.SC-ChemistrySolid-State Chemistry_.pdf
144 cytoskeleton_B.Sc.BIOTECH(Cytoskeleton)_.pdf
145 transport across cell membrane_B.Sc.BIOTECH(Transport across cell membrane: Movement of Water)_.pdf
146 transport across cell membrane_B.Sc.Transport across cell membrane_.pdf
147 1 structure and function of cell membranes_B.Sc.BIOTECH(Structure and function of cell membranes)_.pdf
148 necrosis_B.Sc.BIOTECH (NECROSIS)_.pdf
149 cell membrane-_B.Sc.biotech (cell membrane)_.pdf
150 structure and function of eukaryotic cell_B.Sc.biotech Structure and function of eukaryotic cell_.pdf
151 structure and function of bacteria cell_B.Sc.biotech Structure and function of Bacteria cell_.pdf
152 gram positive and gram negative-_B.Sc.biotech first year_.pdf
153 biotech (1)_B.Sc.biotech first year_.pdf
154 real analysis_M.SC-MathmeticsREAL ANALYSIS_.pdf
155 riemann’s theorem_M.SC-MathmeticsRiemann’s Theorem_.pdf
156 abstract algebra_M.SC-MathmeticsABSTRACT ALGEBRA_.pdf
157 differential equations_M.SC-MathmeticsDifferential Equations_.pdf
158 unit-4 financial administration(political science ) paper-6th-sem 4th_B.A.LLBBL BH 222 (POLITICAL SCIENCE)PAPER 6th-SEM 4tH_.pdf
159 topology_M.SC-MathmeticsTOPOLOGY_.pdf
160 analytic functions_M.SC-MathmeticsANALYTIC FUNCTIONS_.pdf
161 special funtion__M.SC-MathmeticsSPECIAL FUNCTION_.pdf
162 complex analysis-converted (2)_m.sccomplex analysis__M.SC-MathmeticsCOMPLEX ANALYSIS_.pdf
163 unit-5 control over public administration (political science)paper 6th-sem 4th_B.A.LLBBL BH 222 (POLITICAL SCIENCE)PAPER 6th-SEM 4th_.pdf
164 samudaya-converted_B.Asociology_.pdf
165 unit-3rd personnel administration(political science)paper 6th- sem 4th_B.A.LLBBL BH 222 (POLITICAL SCIENCE) PAPER 6th-SEM 4th_.pdf
166 sociology-converted_B.Asociology_.pdf
167 unit-2th organization (political science 6th) sem 4th-compressed_B.A.LLBBL BH 222 (POLITICAL SCIENCE) PAPER 6TH-SEM-4TH_.pdf
168 production management_M.SC-Biotechentrepreneurship biotechnology_.pdf
169 biotechnology entrepreneurship_M.SC-BiotechBiotechnology Entrepreneurship_.pdf
170 dna sequencing_M.SC-Biotechbiophysical chemistry_.pdf
171 dna sequencing_M.SC-BiotechMOLECULAR BIOLOGY_.pdf
172 macromolecule blotting_M.SC-BiotechMOLECULAR BIOLOGY_.pdf
173 prokaryotic dna replication_M.SC-BiotechMOLECULAR BIOLOGY_.pdf
174 dna structure_M.SC-BiotechMolecular Biology_.pdf
175 applications of biotechnology_M.SC-Biotechcell biology_.pdf
176 ion exchange chromatography (iec)- applications_M.SC-Biotechbiophysical chemistry_.pdf
177 ion exchange chromatography_M.SC-Biotechbiophysical chemistry_.pdf
178 advertising and sales management unit 5_M.Com-AccountADVERTISING AND SALES MANAGEMENT_.pdf
179 advertising and sales management unit 4_M.Com-AccountADVERTISING AND SALES MANAGEMENT_.pdf
180 advertising and sales management unit 3_M.Com-AccountADVERTISING AND SALES MANAGEMENT_.pdf
181 advertising and sales management unit 2_M.Com-AccountADVERTISING AND SALES MANAGEMENT_.pdf
182 advertising and sales management unit 1_M.Com-AccountADVERTISING AND SALES MANAGEMENT_.pdf
183 gas chromatography (gc) - applications_M.SC-BiotechGas Chromatography (GC) - Applications_.pdf
184 gas liquid chromatography (glc)- theory, principle and instrumentation_M.SC-Biotechbiophysical chemistry_.pdf
185 introduction to gas chromatography- history, definitions, classification and_M.SC-Biotechbiophysical chemistry_.pdf
186 chromatographic techniques- tlc, hptlc, iec_M.SC-Biotechbiophysical chemistry_.pdf
187 chromatographic techniques_M.SC-Biotechbiochemistry_.pdf
188 chromatographic methods_M.SC-Biotechbiochemistry_.pdf
189 unit 1st principales of public of administration_B.A.LLBpolitical science (paper 6) sem 4th_.pdf
190 unit 1st-emile durkheim bl bh 123 (sociology) paper 2nd sem 2nd-compressed (1)_B.A.LLBBA LLB sem 2nd SOCIOLOGY 2nd_.pdf
191 o.b(international dimensions of ob)_M.Com-AccountOB_.pdf
192 o.b(stress management)_B.B.AOB_.pdf
193 hrm(personnel)_B.B.AHRM_.pdf
194 hrm(participative management_B.B.AHRM_.pdf
195 hrm(job analysis)_B.B.AHRM_.pdf
196 consumer behaviour(social-cultural)_M.Com-Accountconsumer behaviour_.pdf
197 international marketing environment_M.Com-AccountInternational Marketing_.pdf
198 definition nature and scope and domestic marketing us_M.Com-AccountInternational Marketing_.pdf
199 decisions relating entry in the foreign market_M.Com-AccountInternational marketing_.pdf
200 bl bh123(socilogy)paper 2nd sem 2nd_B.A.LLBSOCIOLOGICAL THOUGHT_.pdf
201 immunoglobulins_M.SC-Biotechimmunology_.pdf
202 antigen_M.SC-Biotechimmunology_.pdf
203 unit 2 immanuel wallerstein hindi_B.A.LLBBLBH123 SOCIOLOGY -II SEM 2ND_.pdf
204 unit 2 immanuel wallerstein english_B.A.LLBBLBH123 SOCIOLOGY -II SEM 2ND_.pdf
205 unit 2 roscoe pound hindi_B.A.LLBBLBH123 SOCIOLOGY -II SEM 2ND_.pdf
206 unit 2 roscoe pound english_B.A.LLBBLBH123 SOCIOLOGY -II SEM 2ND_.pdf
207 unit 1 karl marx_B.A.LLBBLBH123 SOCIOLOGY -II SEM 2ND_.pdf
208 introduction to shakespeare_M.A-EnglishINTRODUCTION TO SHAKESPEARE_.pdf
209 english language_M.A-EnglishEnglish Language_.pdf
210 english language_M.A-EnglishEnglish Language_.pdf
211 economics of growth_M.A-EconomicsECONOMICS OF GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT_.pdf
212 agricultural economics_M.A-EconomicsAGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS_.pdf
213 public economics_M.A-EconomicsPUBLIC ECONOMICS_.pdf
214 indian economic policy_M.A-EconomicsINDIAN ECONOMIC POLICY_.pdf
215 international trade and_M.A-EconomicsINTERNATIONAL TRADE AND FINANCE_.pdf
216 introduction to statistics and biostatistics_M.SC-BiotechIntroduction to Statistics and Biostatistics:_.pdf
217 introduction and history of bioinformatics_M.SC-BiotechBioinformatics_.pdf
218 cell of the immune system_M.SC-BiotechImmunology_.pdf
219 lymphoid organ_M.SC-BiotechImmunology_.pdf
220 immunity_M.SC-Biotechimmunology_.pdf
221 introduction to immunology_M.SC-BiotechImmunology_.pdf
222 botany_B.Sc.botany_.pdf
223 biofertilizer_M.SC-Biotechenvironment biotech_.pdf
224 unit 1 max weber_B.A.LLBBLBH123 SOCIOLOGY -II SEM 2ND_.pdf
225 unit 1 jeremy bentham hindi_B.A.LLBBLBH123 SOCIOLOGY -II SEM 2ND_.pdf
226 unit 2 jürgen habermas hindi_B.A.LLBBLBH123 SOCIOLOGY -II SEM 2ND_.pdf
227 unit 2 jürgen habermas english_B.A.LLBBLBH123 SOCIOLOGY -II SEM 2ND_.pdf
228 unit 2pierre bourdieu english_B.A.LLBBLBH123 SOCIOLOGY -II SEM 2ND_.pdf
229 unit 2 pierre bourdieu hindi_B.A.LLBBLBH123 SOCIOLOGY -II SEM 2ND_.pdf
230 nmr spectroscopy_M.SC-BiotechNMR Spectroscopy biophysical chemistry
231 mass spectroscopy_M.SC-Biotechspectroscopy Biophysical Chemistry Sem.2_.pdf
232 centrifugation_M.SC-Biotechcentrifugation Biophysical Chemistry Sem.2_.pdf
233 electrophoresis biophysical chemistry sem.2_M.SC-BiotechElectrophoresis Biophysical Chemistry Sem.2_.pdf
234 ms powerpoint_M.Com-CAOFFICE AUTOMATION S/W TOOLS_.pdf
235 ms office_M.Com-CAOFFICE AUTOMATION S/W TOOLS_.pdf
237 ms access_M.Com-CAOFFICE AUTOMATION S/W TOOLS_.pdf
238 english poetry_M.A-EnglishENGLISH POETRY_.pdf
239 prose and fiction_M.A-EnglishProse and Fiction_.pdf
240 unit 2 jean baudrillard english_B.A.LLBBLBH123 SOCIOLOGY -II SEM 2ND_.pdf
241 unit 2 jean baudrillar hindi_B.A.LLBBLBH123 SOCIOLOGY -II SEM 2ND_.pdf
242 american literature_M.AAmerican Literature_.pdf
243 criticism_M.A-EnglishCriticism_.pdf
244 unit 2 mn srinivas english_B.A.LLBBLBH123 SOCIOLOGY -II SEM 2ND_.pdf
245 unit 2 mn srinivas hindi_B.A.LLBBLBH123 SOCIOLOGY -II SEM 2ND_.pdf
246 (social psychology, communication and social work)_M.S.W(Social Psychology, Communication and Social Work)_.pdf
247 genetic_M.SC-BiotechDNA Replication in Prokaryotes_.pdf
248 ch04_B.Sc.chemistry_.pdf
249 ch01_B.Sc.chemistry_.pdf
250 bt-09_B.Sc.biotech_.pdf
251 bscbo-101_B.Sc.biotech_.pdf
252 biotech introduction_B.Sc.biotech_.pdf
253 biotech introduction_M.SC-Biotechbiotech_.pdf
254 cell cycle_M.SC-Biotechcell cycle_.pdf
255 genetics_M.SC-Biotechgenetic_.pdf
256 ultraviolet and visible spectroscopy_M.SC-ChemistryAPPLICATION OF SPETROSCOPY_.pdf
257 two dimensional nmr spectroscopy_M.SC-ChemistryAPPLICATION OF SPETROSCOPY_.pdf
258 windows_M.Com-CAinformation technology and operating system_.pdf
259 unix_M.Com-CAinformation technology and operating system_.pdf
261,genomicsandgenetics-1_M.SC-BiotechGene, Genomics and Genetic_.pdf
262 operating system in hindi_M.Com-CAinformation technology and operating system_.pdf
263 simultaneous equations_B.B.Abusiness mathematics_.pdf
264 simple interest_B.B.Abusiness mathematics_.pdf
265 ratio_B.B.Abusiness mathematics_.pdf
266 152023479535quadrantie-text(35microscopebasedimagingandapplication(parta_M.SC-BiotechMicroscope based imaging and application_.pdf
267 152023479535quadrantie-text(35microscopebasedimagingandapplication(parta_M.SC-BiotechMicroscope based imaging and application_.pdf
268 quadratic equation_B.B.Abusiness mathematics_.pdf
269 profit and loss_B.B.Abusiness mathematics_.pdf
270 storage device_M.Com-CAinformation technology and operating system_.pdf
271 primary memory_M.Com-CAinformation technology and operating system_.pdf
272 protein expression vector_M.SC-BiotechProtein Expression Vector_.pdf
273 number system_M.Com-CAinformation technology and operating system_.pdf
274 ascii code_M.Com-CAinformation technology and operating system_.pdf
275 gene therapy and its role in disease_M.SC-BiotechGene therapy and its role in disease_.pdf
276 fluorescence in situ hybridization (fish)_M.SC-BiotechFluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH)_.pdf
277 what is computer hardware and software in hindi language_M.Com-CAinformation technology and operating system_.pdf
278 what is a computer in hindi language_M.Com-CAinformation technology and operating system_.pdf
279 type-of-computer-in-hindi_M.Com-CAinformation technology and operating system_.pdf
280 full history of computer in hindi language_M.Com-CAinformation technology and operating system_.pdf
281 characteristics of computer in hindi_M.Com-CAinformation technology and operating system_.pdf
282 block diagram of computer system in hindi language_M.Com-CAinformation technology and operating system_.pdf
283 percentage_B.B.ABusiness Mathematics_.pdf
284 unit-4 diplomacy_B.A.LLBBLBH122 POLITICAL SCIENCE PAPER-III SEM 2ND_.pdf
285 unit 4 foreign policy_B.A.LLBBLBH122 POLITICAL SCIENCE PAPER-III SEM 2ND_.pdf
286 pcr_M.SC-BiotechGenetic Engineering and Recombinant DNA Technology_.pdf
287 pcr_M.SC-BiotechGenetic Engineering and Recombinant DNA Technology_.pdf
288 linear programming_B.B.ABusiness Mathematics_.pdf
289 genetic engineering and recombinant dna technology_M.SC-BiotechGenetic Engineering and Recombinant DNA Technology_.pdf
290 unit -3 national intrest_B.A.LLBBLBH122 POLITICAL SCIENCE PAPER-III SEM 2ND_.pdf
292 basic concepts of set theory_B.B.Abusiness mathematics_.pdf
293 project management-converted_M.SC-Bioteched biotech_.pdf
295  – consumer equilibrium - part 1_B.B.A_.pdf
296  सॉफ्टवेयर टेस्टिंग unit-4-converted_B.C.A_.pdf
297  सामािजक िव²ान अवधारणाए.pdf
298  समाज कायª का उĩव और िवकास_M.S.W_.pdf
299  रेकॉम्बीनैंट dna टेक्नोलॉजी क्या है-converted_B.Sc._.pdf
300  x-ray diffraction_M.SC-ChemistrySpectroscopy_.pdf
301  x ray diffraction_M.ScBIOTECH_.pdf
302  work energy and power_Class 11Physics_.pdf
303  what is pen drive in hindi_B.C.AFUNDAMENTAL_.pdf
304  what is integration testing-converted_MSC-CAsoftware engineering_.pdf
305  what is integration testing-converted_M.SC-CSsoftware engineering_.pdf
306  what is dos in hindi_B.C.AFUNDAMENTAL_.pdf
307  what is dbms in hindi-converted_P.G.D.C.A_.pdf
308  what is control statements-converted_B.C.A_.pdf
309  what is computer hardware and software in hindi language_B.C.AFUNDAMENTAL_.pdf
310  western history of social work profession_B.S.W_.pdf
311  wedderburn’s theorem on finite division rings_M.Scabstruct algebra_.pdf
312  waterfall model( software engeeniring-converted_M.SC-CSsoftware engineering_.pdf
313  waterfall model( software engeeniring-converted_B.C.A_.pdf
314  wastewater treatment_M.Sc_.pdf
315  virtual reality_B.B.AMANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM_.pdf
316  vector spaces_M.Scabstruct algebra_.pdf
317  values & principles of social group work_B.S.W_.pdf
318  utility_B.B.A_.pdf
319  united nation_B.A.LLBBLBH221 POLITICAL SCIENCE PAPER-V SEM 4TH_.pdf
320  unit-4 visual programming_M.SC-CSadvanced programming language_.pdf
321  unit 4 federalism_B.A.LLBBLBH121 POLITICAL SCIENCE PAPER-II SEM 2ND_.pdf
322  unit 3 sepretion of power_B.A.LLBBLBH121 POLITICAL SCIENCE PAPER-II SEM 2ND_.pdf
324  unit 2 government and its type_B.A.LLBBLBH121 POLITICAL SCIENCE PAPER-II SEM 2ND_.pdf
325  unit 2 computer network notes gautam sir-converted_P.G.D.C.A_.pdf
326  unit 1st constitution_B.A.LLBBLBH121 POLITICAL SCIENCE PAPER-II SEM 2ND_.pdf
327  unit 1 international relation_B.A.LLBBLBH122 POLITICAL SCIENCE PAPER-III SEM 2ND_.pdf
328  unit -5 topic - patent process and patent law and e filling_M.Scbiotech_.pdf
329  unit -5 topic - patent process and patent law and e filling.pdf
330  understanding the architecture of genes, gene to genome_M.ScUnderstanding the architecture of genes, Gene to genome_.pdf
331  types of pollution .pdf
332  tychonoff product_M.Sctopology_.pdf
333  two way anova_B.B.A_.pdf
334  topology_M.Sc_.pdf
335  topology_M.SC-MathmeticsTopology_.pdf
336  topc -elisa ria fluorescence techniques_M.Scbiotech_.pdf
337  tools and techniques in group work_B.S.W_.pdf
338  time value of money_B.B.A_.pdf
339  tietze extension_M.Sctopology_.pdf
340  thermal+(1)_Class 11Physics_.pdf
341  theory base of accounting_B.B.A_.pdf
342  theorizing community organization_B.S.W_.pdf
343  the union and state budget, economic stabilisation_B.B.ABUSINESS ENVIRONMENT_.pdf
344  the theory of production -iii_B.B.A_.pdf
345  the theory of production - ii_B.B.A_.pdf
346  the theory of production - i_B.B.A_.pdf
347  the gauss markov theorem_B.B.A_.pdf
348  the functions of computer system in hindi_B.C.AFUNDAMENTAL_.pdf
349  the five generations of computers in hindi language_B.C.AFUNDAMENTAL_.pdf
350  technological environment_B.B.ABUSINESS ENVIRONMENT_.pdf
351  techniques and guidelines for indirect practice_B.S.W_.pdf
352  tax meaning and application_B.A.LLBBLBH124 ECONOMICS-II 2ND SEM_.pdf
353  system of particle_Class 11Physics_.pdf
354  system of citing document-converted_B.A.LLBBLBH125 LEGAL METHOD 2ND SEM_.pdf
355  system development life cycle_B.B.AMANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM_.pdf
356  system design (dfd & er diagrams)_B.B.AMANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM_.pdf
357  system analysis & design_M.SC-CSSYSTEM ANALYSIS & DESIGN_.pdf
358  sw01_B.S.Wsocial work_.pdf
359  supreme court_B.A.LLBBLBH125 LEGAL METHOD 2ND SEM_.pdf
360  super20 science sample papers class 10th_Class 10Science_.pdf
361  super20 science class 10th_Class 10Science_.pdf
362  study1_6.pdf
363  strengths perspective and disability social work_B.S.W_.pdf
364  stem cell technology and therapeutics_M.ScStem Cell Technology and Therapeutics_.pdf
365  std_c_notes_03_B.C.Aprogramming in c++ (english)_.pdf
366  std-10-cbse-board-science-term-1_Class 10Science_.pdf
367  state level rural_B.S.W_.pdf
368  spoken english advanced 218 pp_Class 12Engish_.pdf
369  solvable groups - i_M.Scabstruct algebra_.pdf
370  sofware proccess_M.SC-CSsoftware engineering_.pdf
371  software testing unit-4-converted_M.Sc_.pdf
372  software testing unit-4-converted_B.C.A_.pdf
373  software ingineering_M.Sc_.pdf
374  software ingineering_B.C.A_.pdf
375  software engineering-converted_M.Sc_.pdf
376  software engineering introduction_M.SC-CSsoftware engineering_.pdf
377  sociology 2nd sem_B.A.LLBSociology 2ndsem_.pdf
378  social-science---social-and-political-life-i---class-6_Class 6Social Studies_.pdf
379  social-science---social-and-political-life---class-8_Class 8Social Studies_.pdf
380  social-science---resource-and-development-(geography)---class-8_Class 8Social Studies_.pdf
381  social-science---india-and-the-contempoarary-world-i---classs-9_Class 9History_.pdf
382  social-science---history---our-past---class-6_Class 6Social Studies_.pdf
383  social-science---democratic-politics---class-9_Class 9Civics_.pdf
384  social-science---contemporary-india---class-9_Class 9Social Studies_.pdf
385  social work with groups_B.S.W_.pdf
386  social work values_B.S.W_.pdf
387  social groups factors affecting group formation_B.S.W_.pdf
388  social accountability and social audit_B.S.W_.pdf
389  so02_B.Asociology_.pdf
390  set theory_M.Sctopology_.pdf
391  sequence of functions_M.Sccomplex analysis_.pdf
392  separation axioms,_M.Sctopology_.pdf
393  separability of polynomials_M.Scabstruct algebra_.pdf
394  security issues_B.B.AMANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM_.pdf
395  se_B.C.A_.pdf
396  science-class-8_Class 8Science_.pdf
397  science-class-7_Class 7Science_.pdf
398  science---class-6_Class 6Science_.pdf
399  science ch 1.pdf
400  schwarz lemma and its_M.ScSchwarz Lemma and Its Applications_.pdf
401  sansk_Class 12Sanskrit_.pdf
402  sambidhanwad aur sambidhan_B.A.LLBBLBH221 POLITICAL SCIENCE-II 2ND SEM_.pdf
403  sambidhanwad aur sambidhan_B.A.LLBBLBH125 LEGAL METHOD 2ND SEM_.pdf
404  sambidhanwad aur prakar_B.A.LLBBLBH221 POLITICAL SCIENCE-II 2ND SEM_.pdf
405  sambidhanwad aur prakar_B.A.LLBBLBH125 LEGAL METHOD 2ND SEM_.pdf
406  samaj_kary_ prabandhanmsw _011_M.S.W_.pdf
407  rural marketing in india_B.S.W_.pdf
408  rural development_B.S.W_.pdf
409  rule of law_B.A.LLBBLBH221 POLITICAL SCIENCE-II 2ND SEM_.pdf
410  rule of law_B.A.LLBBLBH125 LEGAL METHOD 2ND SEM_.pdf
411  ruccurence relation and orthogonality for bessel funtion_M.Scspecial funtion_.pdf
412  role of mis in strategic advantage_B.B.AMANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM_.pdf
413  role of central & state government in promoting entrepreneurship_B.B.AENTREPRENEURIAL DEVELOPMENT_.pdf
415  right to advertisement_B.A.LLBBLBH225 PROFESSIONAL ETHICS 4TH SEM_.pdf
416  riemann’s theorem_M.ScRiemann’s Theorem_.pdf
417  riemann-stieltjes integral_M.ScRiemann-Stieltjes Integral_.pdf
418  restriction endonucleases, isoschizomers_B.Sc.Restriction Endonucleases, Isoschizomers_.pdf
419  residue theorem_M.ScResidue Theorem_.pdf
420  relationships in fieldwork and their risks_B.S.W_.pdf
421  registration of motor vehicles_B.A.LLBMotor Vehicle Act 2nd sem_.pdf
422  refrence book maths_Class 9Mathematics_.pdf
423  refrence book maths_Class 10Mathematics_.pdf
424  refrence book dinesh mathematics for class xii - part i_Class 12Mathematics_.pdf
425  refrence book dinesh math_Class 11Mathematics_.pdf
426  refrence book cbse mathematics for class xii - part i_Class 12Mathematics_.pdf
427  recording of transactions ii (traditional journal entry)_B.B.A_.pdf
428  recording of transactions i (subsidiary books approach)_B.B.A_.pdf
429  recording of transactions i (accounting equation)_B.B.A_.pdf
430  recent trends in global business environment_B.B.ABUSINESS ENVIRONMENT_.pdf
431  recent trends in economic planning_B.B.ABUSINESS ENVIRONMENT_.pdf
432  real analysis_M.Sc_.pdf
433  real analysis_M.SC-MathmeticsReal Analysis_.pdf
434  real analysis-converted (1)_M.Screal analysis_.pdf
435  real analysis and measure_M.Screal analysis_.pdf
436  real analysis and measure_M.ScREAL ANALYSIS AND MEASURE THEORY_.pdf
437  real analysis 3-converted_M.Screal analysis_.pdf
438  real analysis 1-converted_M.Screal analysis_.pdf
439  rd sharma class 11th_Class 11Mathematics_.pdf
440  random variable and probability distribution_B.B.A_.pdf
441  ralational algebra_P.G.D.C.A_.pdf
442  ralational algebra_B.C.A_.pdf
443  rajaswa nyayalay_B.A.LLBBLBH125 LEGAL METHOD 2ND SEM_.pdf
444  public finance_B.A.LLBBLBH124 ECONOMICS-II 2ND SEM_.pdf
445  public finance part ii_B.A.LLBBLBH124 ECONOMICS-II 2ND SEM_.pdf
446  ptc biotech_B.Sc._.pdf
447  prospectus_M.Com-AccountORGANISATION BEHAVIOUS_.pdf
448  properties of normal_M.Sctopology_.pdf
449  projectile_Class 11Physics_.pdf
450  printer in hindi_B.C.AFUNDAMENTAL_.pdf
451  principles of community practice_B.S.W_.pdf
452  prediction in multiple regression model_B.B.A_.pdf
453  practical chemistry class xii_Class 12Chemistry_.pdf
454  practical approach to financial ratio analysis_B.B.A_.pdf
455  power series_M.ScPower Series_.pdf
456  polymerase chain reaction_B.Sc.Polymerase Chain Reaction_.pdf
457  poisson and exponential distribution_B.B.A_.pdf
458  point estimation_B.B.A_.pdf
459  plasmids, lambda based vectors and derivatives_B.Sc.Plasmids, Lambda based vectors and derivatives_.pdf
460  planning of capital structure_B.B.AENTREPRENEURIAL DEVELOPMENT_.pdf
461  physiology and biochemistry_M.SC-BiotechPHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY_.pdf
462  physics-for-neet_Class 12Physics_.pdf
463  physics---part-2---class-12_Class 12Physics_.pdf
464  physics---part-2---class-12_Class 11Physics_.pdf
465  physics---part-1---class-12_Class 12Physics_.pdf
466  physics---part-1---class-12_Class 11Physics_.pdf
467  physics---part-1---class-11_LKGEnglish_.pdf
468  physics solution class 11_Class 11Political Science_.pdf
469  physics solution class 11_Class 11Physics_.pdf
470  physics part 1 ch 1_Class 11Physics_.pdf
471  physics olympiad - basic to advanced exercises_Class 12Physics_.pdf
472  physics olympiad - basic to advanced exercises_Class 11Physics_.pdf
473  physical world_Class 11Physics_.pdf
474  physical chemistry_M.ScPhysical Chemistry_.pdf
475  phy1 ch 1_Class 12Physics_.pdf
476  pharmacopynamics_M.SC-ChemistryMedicinal chemistry_.pdf
477  ph-converted.pdf
478  personality_M.Com-AccountORGANISATION BEHAVIOUS_.pdf
479  perception_M.Com-AccountORGANISATION BEHAVIOUS_.pdf
480  pcr_dipti - dipti chourasia_M.Scimmunology_.pdf
481  path connectedness_M.Scabstruct algebra_.pdf
482  partnership in rural_B.S.W_.pdf
483  p.b.shelley_M.AEnglish literature_.pdf
484  overview of macro economics_B.A.LLBBLBH124 ECONOMICS-II 2ND SEM_.pdf
485  overview of business environment_B.B.ABUSINESS ENVIRONMENT_.pdf
486  overview and role of stock exchanges_B.B.ABUSINESS ENVIRONMENT_.pdf
487  output devices of computer system in hindi language_B.C.AFUNDAMENTAL_.pdf
488  oscillation_Class 11Physics_.pdf
489  orthogonal property of hermite polynomials._M.Scspecial funtion_.pdf
490  orgnaised terrorism_B.A.LLBBLBH221 POLITICAL SCIENCE PAPER-V SEM 4TH_.pdf
491  operators on inner product spaces_M.Scabstruct algebra_.pdf
492  operating system_M.SC-CSOPERATING SYSTEM_.pdf
493  operating system in hindi_M.SC-CSOPERATING SYSTEM_.pdf
494  operating system in hindi_B.C.AOPERATING SYSTEM_.pdf
495  operating system in hindi_B.C.AFUNDAMENTAL_.pdf
496  one way anova_B.B.A_.pdf
497  objective question in dbms-converted_B.C.A_.pdf
498  objective mathematics rd_sharma_2_main_adv_Class 12Mathematics_.pdf
499  object oriented programming using c++ lecture notes_M.Sc_.pdf
500  object oriented programming using c++ lecture notes_M.SC-CSoop's_.pdf
501  object oriented programming objective question-converted_M.SC-CSoop's_.pdf
502  object oriented programming objective question-converted_B.C.A_.pdf
503  nyay panchayat_B.A.LLBBLBH125 LEGAL METHOD 2ND SEM_.pdf
504  nuclear quadrupole resonance_M.SC-ChemistrySpectroscopy_.pdf
505  notes_optics_Class 12Physics_.pdf
506  notes_electronic_devices_Class 12Physics_.pdf
507  notes_dual_nature_of_matter__radiation_Class 12Physics_.pdf
508  notes_communication_systems_Class 12Physics_.pdf
509  notes magnetic-effects-of-current-magnetism_Class 12Physics_.pdf
510  notes electromagnetic_waves_Class 12Physics_.pdf
511  notes electromagnetic_induction__alternating_currents_Class 12Physics_.pdf
512  notes current_electricity_Class 12Physics_.pdf
513  notes atoms__nuclei_Class 12Physics_.pdf
514  normlisation_P.G.D.C.A_.pdf
515  normlisation_B.C.A_.pdf
516  non-aligned movement during the cold war period-converted_B.A.LLBBLBH 221 POLITICAL SCIENCE-5 PAPER SEM 4_.pdf
517  nilpotent groups_M.Scabstruct algebra_.pdf
518  neet-jee-main-chemistry-ii_Class 12Chemistry_.pdf
519  ncert-class-12-chemistry-part-1_Class 12Chemistry_.pdf
520  ncert-class-12-biology_Class 12Biology_.pdf
521  ncert exemplar problems solutions physics class 11 for neet iit_Class 11Physics_.pdf
522  naya sheetyudh_B.A.LLBBLBH 221 POLITICAL SCIENCE-5 PAPER SEM 4_.pdf
523  natural medicine_M.SC-Biotechnatural medicine_.pdf
524  national income_M.A_.pdf
525  multinational corporations_B.B.ABUSINESS ENVIRONMENT_.pdf
526  multi disciplinary practice of law_B.A.LLBBLBH225 PROFESSIONAL ETHICS 4TH SEM_.pdf
527  mt08_M.SC-Mathmeticsalgebra_.pdf
528  msw_16_sambidhan_evam_manavadhikaar_M.S.WMSW_.pdf
529  msw_15_samajkarya_sampreshan_M.S.WMSW_.pdf
530  msw_14_gandhi_samaj_karya_M.S.WmSW_.pdf
531  msw_13_samudayik_swasthiya_complete_M.S.Wmsw_.pdf
532  msw_12_31_01_17_M.S.W_.pdf
533  msw_05_bharatiy_samajik_28_07_16_M.S.Wmsw_05_bharatiy_samajik_28_07_16_.pdf
534  msw_04_vyaktitw_and_vyawhar_28_07_16_M.S.Wsocial work_.pdf
535  msw_03_samaj_kary_28_07_16 area of social work_M.S.Wsocial work_.pdf
536  msw_02_full_paper_from_2015_07_08_2016 introduction of social science_M.S.Wintroduction of social science_.pdf
537  msw_01_02_09_16 social development _M.S.Wsocial development_.pdf
538  msw10_17_10_16_M.S.W_.pdf
539  msw09_17_10_16_M.S.W_.pdf
540  msw08_17_10_16_M.S.Wmsw08_17_10_16_.pdf
541  msw07_17_10_16_M.S.W_.pdf
542  msw06_17_03_17_M.S.W_.pdf
543  mscmath3p2_M.SC-MathmeticsPartial Differential Equation_.pdf
544  msc maths 4th sem_M.ScMsc math 4th sem_.pdf
545  motor vehicles act 1988_B.A.LLBMotor Vehicles Act_.pdf
546  motor vehicle act 2019_B.A.LLBMotor Vehicles Act_.pdf
547  motor vehicle act 2019 index_B.A.LLBMotor Vehicle act_.pdf
548  motivation concepts and theories_M.Com-AccountORGANISATION BEHAVIOUS_.pdf
549  money concept_B.A.LLBBLBH124 ECONOMICS-II 2ND SEM_.pdf
550  modern theory_M.A_.pdf
551  mis support for decision making_B.B.AMANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM_.pdf
552  mis and decision support systems_B.B.AMANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM_.pdf
553  micro economics chapter - 2_B.B.AMICRO ECONOMICS_.pdf
554  micro economics chapter - 1_B.B.AMICRO ECONOMICS CHAPTER - 1_.pdf
555  mhc 1 and -2_M.Scbiotech_.pdf
556  methods of point estimation_B.B.A_.pdf
557  methodology of environmental management.pdf
558  memorandum of association_M.Com-AccountCorporate legal framework_.pdf
559  mechanics class 12th dc pandey_Class 12Physics_.pdf
560  mechanical+properties+of+solid+(1)_Class 11Physics_.pdf
561  maximal and prime ideals_M.Scabstruct algebra_.pdf
562  maths---class-7_Class 7Mathematics_.pdf
563  maths---class-6_Class 6Mathematics_.pdf
564  maths class 9th refrence book_Class 9Mathematics_.pdf
565  maths ch 1_Class 10Mathematics_.pdf
566  maths ch 1.pdf
567  mathematics-part-2---class-12_Class 12Mathematics_.pdf
568  mathematics-part-1---class-12_Class 12Mathematics_.pdf
569  mathematics---class-9_Class 9Mathematics_.pdf
570  mathematics---class-8_Class 8Mathematics_.pdf
571  mathematics---class-10_Class 10Mathematics_.pdf
572  mathematics for iit jee (main)_Class 12Mathematics_.pdf
573  mathematics exemplar problems_Class 12Mathematics_.pdf
574  mathematics basics for iit jee_Class 12Mathematics_.pdf
575  mathematical tricks for iit jee_Class 12Mathematics_.pdf
576  mathematical expectation_B.B.A_.pdf
577  management information system and information resource_B.B.AMANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM_.pdf
578  maintenance of systems_B.B.AMANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM_.pdf
579  mael-104 criticism_M.A-EnglishCriticism_.pdf
580  mael-103 drama_M.A-EnglishDRAMA_.pdf
581  mael-101_M.A-EnglishProse and Fiction_.pdf
582  mael-101 english poetry_M.A-EnglishIndian and Modern Literary Theory and Criticism_.pdf
583  mael-101 english poetry_M.A-EnglishENGLISH POETRY_.pdf
584  mael-101 english poetry_M.A-EnglishEARLY ROMANTIC POETRY_.pdf
585  maec-108_M.A-EconomicsAgricultural Economics_.pdf
586  maec-107_M.A-Economicsinternatioal economics_.pdf
587  maec-107_M.A-Economics(Micro Economics)_.pdf
588  maec-107 (population and economic development)_M.A-Economics(Population and Economic Development)_.pdf
589  maec-106_M.A-Economicspuplic economics_.pdf
590  maec-106 public economics_M.A-EconomicsPublic Economics_.pdf
591  maec-105_M.A-EconomicsEconomic Development_.pdf
592  maec-104_M.A-Economicsquantitative techniques_.pdf
593 biotech -4sem bioinformatics_M.Scbiotech_.pdf
594  locally compact spaces_M.Scabstruct algebra_.pdf
595  linear transformations_M.Scabstruct algebra_.pdf
596  line integrals_M.ScLine Integrals_.pdf
597  line integrals_M.Sccomplex analysis_.pdf
598  limited liability partnership_B.A.LLBBLBH225 PROFESSIONAL ETHICS 4TH SEM_.pdf
599  light reflection and refraction-ekuleducation_Class 10Science_.pdf
600  legislation_B.A.LLBBLBH125 LEGAL METHOD 2ND SEM_.pdf
601  legendre polynomials_M.Scspecial funtion_.pdf
602  legal ethics-ii_B.A.LLBBLBH225 PROFESSIONAL ETHICS 4TH SEM_.pdf
603  legal ethics -i_B.A.LLBBLBH225 PROFESSIONAL ETHICS 4TH SEM_.pdf
604  legal environment_B.B.ABUSINESS ENVIRONMENT_.pdf
605  ledger and trial balance_B.B.A_.pdf
606  learning_M.Com-AccountORGANISATION BEHAVIOUS_.pdf
607  leadership and power_B.S.W_.pdf
608  le biostatistics and biostatistics part ii_B.Sc.le Biostatistics and Biostatistics Part II_.pdf
609  laws of probability and bayes’ theorem_B.B.A_.pdf
610  law reporting in india_B.A.LLBBLBH125 LEGAL METHOD 2ND SEM_.pdf
611  law reform in india_B.A.LLBBLBH125 LEGAL METHOD 2ND SEM_.pdf
612  laurent’s theorem_M.ScLaurent’s Theorem_.pdf
613  kinetic theory_Class 11Physics_.pdf
614  kinematics+notes_Class 11Physics_.pdf
615  kinematics+notes (1)_Class 11Physics_.pdf
616  judicial precedents_B.A.LLBBLBH125 LEGAL METHOD 2ND SEM_.pdf
617  jordan-ho¨lder theorem_M.Scabstruct algebra_.pdf
618  jordan canonical forms_M.Scabstruct algebra_.pdf
619  java_shc 2_B.C.Ajava_.pdf
620  java variable_B.C.A_.pdf
621  java unit 1 and 2_P.G.D.C.A_.pdf
622  java unit 1 and 2_B.C.A_.pdf
623  java polymorphism-converted_P.G.D.C.A_.pdf
624  java polymorphism-converted_B.C.A_.pdf
625  java overloading and overriding-converted_P.G.D.C.A_.pdf
626  java overloading and overriding-converted_B.C.A_.pdf
627  java overloading and overriding-converted__.pdf
628  java multithreading_P.G.D.C.A_.pdf
629  java multithreading_B.C.A_.pdf
630  java methods-converted_P.G.D.C.A_.pdf
631  java methods-converted_B.C.A_.pdf
632  java loop-converted_P.G.D.C.A_.pdf
633  java loop-converted_B.C.A_.pdf
634  java keyword-converted_P.G.D.C.A_.pdf
635  java keyword-converted_B.C.A_.pdf
636  java introduction-converted_B.C.A_.pdf
637  java exeption handling-converted_P.G.D.C.A_.pdf
638  java data type-converted_B.C.A_.pdf
639  java control statement-converted_P.G.D.C.A_.pdf
640  java constructor-converted_P.G.D.C.A_.pdf
641  java constructor-converted_B.C.A_.pdf
642  java binding-converted_P.G.D.C.A_.pdf
643  java binding-converted_B.C.A_.pdf
644  java array-converted_B.C.A_.pdf
645  java inheritance-converted_P.G.D.C.A_.pdf
646  java inheritance-converted_B.C.A_.pdf
647  jack rothman’s models of community practice_B.S.W_.pdf
648  inventory management_B.B.A_.pdf
649  introudution to continuity_topology_.pdf
650  introductory-microeconomics---class-12_Class 12Business Economic_.pdf
651  introductory-macroeconomics---class-12_Class 12Economic_.pdf
652  introductory economics (micro and macro)_Class 12Economic_.pdf
653  introduction_B.B.A_.pdf
654  introduction to two variable regression_B.B.A_.pdf
655  introduction to time series_B.B.A_.pdf
656  introduction to social welfare administration_B.S.W_.pdf
657  introduction to quantum chemistry_M.ScIntroduction to Quantum Chemistry_.pdf
658  introduction to polynomials_M.Scabstruct algebra_.pdf
659  introduction to organisational behavious_M.Com-AccountORGANISATION BEHAVIOUS_.pdf
660  introduction to graphs_M.SC-CSDATA STRUCTURE_.pdf
661  introduction to financial management_B.B.A_.pdf
662  introduction to compact_M.Scabstruct algebra_.pdf
663  introduction to age_M.AINTRODUCTION TO AGE_.pdf
664  introduction to accounting_B.B.A_.pdf
665  introduction to abstract data types_M.SC-CSDATA STRUCTURE_.pdf
666  introduction of oop_M.SC-CSOOP'S_.pdf
667  introduction for file handling-converted_P.G.D.C.A_.pdf
668  introduction for file handling-converted_B.C.A_.pdf
669  interval estimation_B.B.A_.pdf
670  intersecting marginalities_B.S.W_.pdf
671  internet, intranet, extranet, mis & enterprise_B.B.AMANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM_.pdf
672  internet and web programming_M.SC-CSWEB PROGRAMMING_.pdf
673  international terrorism-i_B.A.LLBBLBH221 POLITICAL SCIENCE PAPER-V SEM 4TH_.pdf
674  intellectual properties_M.ScIntellectual Properties_.pdf
675  insurance of motor vehicle act against third party risk_B.A.LLBBLBH126 LAW OF TORTS-II 2ND SEM_.pdf
676  insertion and deletion - avl trees_M.SC-CSDATA STRUCTURE_.pdf
677  input devices of computer systems in hindi languages_B.C.AFUNDAMENTAL_.pdf
678  inner product spaces_M.Scabstruct algera_.pdf
679  information system concepts_B.B.AMANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM_.pdf
680  indifference curves_B.B.A_.pdf
681  indian ideologies in the medieval_B.S.W_.pdf
682  indian ideologies in the ancient period- vedic_B.S.W_.pdf
684  implementation of stack adt_M.SC-CSDATA STRUCTURE_.pdf
685  impact of cold war on international politics_B.A.LLBBLBH 221 POLITICAL SCIENCE-5 PAPER SEM 4_.pdf
686  immunodeficiency syndrome.pdf
687  iit foundation mathematics_Class 12Mathematics_.pdf
688  iit foundation mathematics_Class 11Mathematics_.pdf
689  iit foundation math class 10th_Class 10Mathematics_.pdf
690  i r spectro scopy.pdf
691  hypothesis testing_B.B.A_.pdf
692  hypergeometric functions_M.Scspecial funtion_.pdf
693  hyper geometric distribution and geometric distribution_B.B.A_.pdf
694  humoral and cellular immunity.pdf
695  human rights_B.S.W_.pdf
696  how to install windows xp from usb pendrive in hindi_B.C.AFUNDAMENTAL_.pdf
697  how to install windows 7 in hindi_B.C.AFUNDAMENTAL_.pdf
698  homeostasis_M.ScHomeostasis_.pdf
699  homeomorphism_M.Sctopology_.pdf
700  history of immunology.pdf
701  history of community organisation_B.S.W_.pdf
702  history of c++ & oops_M.SC-CSoop's_.pdf
703  history of c++ & oops_B.C.A_.pdf
704  historical prospective and nature and characteristics_B.A.LLBBLBH225 Professional Ethics_.pdf
705  historical prospective and nature and characteristics_B.A.LLBBLBH225 PROFESSIONAL ETHICS 4TH SEM_.pdf
706  historical prospective and nature and characteristics_B.A.LLBBLBH125 LEGAL METHOD 2ND SEM_.pdf
707  hindi---vasant---class-7_Class 7_.pdf
708  hindi---vasant---class-6 (1)_Class 6Hindi_.pdf
709  hindi---sparsh---class-9_Class 9Hindi_.pdf
710  hindi---kritika---class-9_Class 9Hindi_.pdf
711  hindi---durva---class-6_Class 6Hindi_.pdf
712  hindi ch1_Class 6Hindi_.pdf
713  higher order ordinary differential_M.Scspecial funtion_.pdf
714  high court_B.A.LLBBLBH125 LEGAL METHOD 2ND SEM_.pdf
715  hc verma physics solution_Class 12Physics_.pdf
716  hc verma physics solution_Class 11Physics_.pdf
717  hc verma concept of physics_Class 12Physics_.pdf
718  harmonic functions_M.ScHarmonic Functions_.pdf
719  hardware and software system_B.B.AMANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM_.pdf
720  gutnirpeks andolan sammelan_B.A.LLBBLBH 221 POLITICAL SCIENCE-5 PAPER SEM 4_.pdf
721  gut nirpeks ki prasangikta_B.A.LLBBLBH 221 POLITICAL SCIENCE-5 PAPER SEM 4_.pdf
723  group work in health settings_B.S.W_.pdf
724  group processes_B.S.W_.pdf
725  gravitation+notes+(1)_Class 11Physics_.pdf
726  gram nyayalay_B.A.LLBBLBH125 LEGAL METHOD 2ND SEM_.pdf
727  genome mapping-converted.pdf
728  genome mapping-converted (1)_M.SC-Biotechbiotech_.pdf
729  genetic engineering and recombinant dna technology_M.ScGenetic Engineering and Recombinant DNA Technology_.pdf
730  general english_M.A-EnglishGeneral English_.pdf
731  gene therapy and its role in disease_B.Sc.Gene therapy and its role in disease_.pdf
732  gene tharapy_M.Sc_.pdf
733  gene mapping biotech_M.ScBiotech_.pdf
734  gefforey chaucer_M.AEnglish literature_.pdf
735  gas chromatography_M.ScBIOTECH_.pdf
736  further aspect of the two variable linear regression_B.B.A_.pdf
737  fundamentals of accounting_M.Sc_.pdf
738  fundamental theorem of integral_M.ScFundamental Theorem of Integral Calculus for Lebesgue integration_.pdf
739  fundamental theorem of finite abelian groups_M.Scabstruct algebra_.pdf
740  functions of bounded variations and_M.ScFunctions of bounded variations and associated concepts_.pdf
741  functional genomics_M.Sc_.pdf
742  function testing unit-4-converted_M.Sc_.pdf
743  function testing unit-4-converted_M.SC-CSsoftware engineering_.pdf
744  function testing unit-4-converted_B.C.A_.pdf
745  free modules_M.Scabstruct algebra_.pdf
746  fox-pro-notes-converted (1)_B.C.A_.pdf
747  fluorescence in situ hybridization (fish) msc_M.ScFluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH)_.pdf
748  fluorescence in situ hybridization (fish) msc_B.Sc.Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH)_.pdf
749  fluids+(1)_Class 11Physics_.pdf
750  finite product of_M.Sctopology_.pdf
751  financial ratio analysis_B.B.A_.pdf
752  financial institutions_B.B.ABUSINESS ENVIRONMENT_.pdf
753  final accounts_B.B.A_.pdf
754  fieldwork agencies and placements_B.S.W_.pdf
755  field work and field supervision_B.S.W_.pdf
756  fatou’s lemma and notion of lebesgue_M.ScFatou’s Lemma and notion of Lebesgue integrable functions_.pdf
757  factor pricing_B.B.A_.pdf
758  examples of connected_M.Scabstruct algebra_.pdf
759  evolution of concepts_B.B.AMANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM_.pdf
760  euclidean and principal ideal domain_M.Scabstruct algebra_.pdf
761  estimation of regression analysis_B.B.A_.pdf
762  epitopes, antigenicity and haptens.pdf
763  epg_M.ScSPECIALFUNTION_.pdf
764  environmental biotechnology_M.SC-BiotechEnvironmental Biotechnology_.pdf
765  environment analysis_B.B.ABUSINESS ENVIRONMENT_.pdf
766  entry of foreign law firms in india_B.A.LLBBLBH225 PROFESSIONAL ETHICS 4TH SEM_.pdf
767  entrepreneurial development programmes_B.B.AENTREPRENEURIAL DEVELOPMENT_.pdf
768  enterprise communication and collaboration_B.B.AMANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM_.pdf
769  english---moments---class-9_Class 9Engish_.pdf
770  english---honeysuckle---class-6_Class 6Engish_.pdf
771  english---beehive---class-9_Class 9Engish_.pdf
772  english---a-pact-with-the-sun---class-6_Class 6Engish_.pdf
773  english litratureentabery tales_M.AEnglish literature_.pdf
774  engaging with the field_B.S.W_.pdf
775  elements of statistical inference_B.B.A_.pdf
776  electrophoresis-converted_M.ScElectrophoresis_.pdf
777  electronic spectral studies of transition metal complexes_M.SC-ChemistryInorganic chemistry (II)_.pdf
778  electron spin resonance spectroscopy_M.SC-ChemistrySpectroscopy_.pdf
779  electron diffraction_M.SC-ChemistrySpectroscopy_.pdf
780  economics_M.A_.pdf
781  economics---indian-economic-development---class-11_Class 11Business Economic_.pdf
782  economic systems_B.B.ABUSINESS ENVIRONMENT_.pdf
783  economic planning in india_B.B.ABUSINESS ENVIRONMENT_.pdf
784  drug discovery, development and risk assessment_B.Sc.Drug Discovery, Development and Risk Assessment_.pdf
785  drug design_M.SC-ChemistryMedicinal chemistry_.pdf
786  dna sequencing_B.Sc.DNA Sequencing_.pdf
787  dna modifying enzyme_M.ScDNA modifying enzyme_.pdf
788  district court-converted_B.A.LLBBLBH125 LEGAL METHOD 2ND SEM_.pdf
789  different types of computer in hindi language_M.Com-CAbasic computer_.pdf
790  different types of computer in hindi language_B.C.AFUNDAMENTAL_.pdf
791  developments during cold war-converted_B.A.LLBBLBH 221 POLITICAL SCIENCE-5 PAPER SEM 4_.pdf
792  developing mis systems_B.B.AMANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM_.pdf
793  design of algorithms_M.SC-CSDATA STRUCTURE_.pdf
794  demographic environment_B.B.ABUSINESS ENVIRONMENT_.pdf
795  dc pandey physics_Class 12Physics_.pdf
796  dbms unit 4 notes gautam sir-converted_P.G.D.C.A_.pdf
797  dbms unit 4 notes gautam sir-converted_B.C.A_.pdf
798  dbms unit 3 notes gautam sir-converted_P.G.D.C.A_.pdf
799  dbms unit 3 notes gautam sir-converted_B.C.A_.pdf
800  dbms arcitecture_P.G.D.C.A_.pdf
801  dbms arcitecture_B.C.A_.pdf
802  databases in biology_M.Sc_.pdf